Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is an acronym for "search engine optimization".  It's the process of getting website traffic from search results on Google. Read more to get an understanding of what's involved.

Most visitors to websites get there by searching first on Google; not by clicking on ads. Search engine optimization services will help move your website toward the top of Google search results for keywords important to your business.

How search engine optimization works – what they don’t tell you.

We’ve been doing SEO for a long time. Like we started in the last century! We understand SEO is very complex and a consuming endeavor. But at it’s core, there are some very basic principles that SEO follows.

How does search engine optimization work?

  • Every day Google (and all the other search engines) send out automated scripts called ‘bots’ that index (read and categorize) every web page on planet earth. It takes Google 45-60 days to cover the entire planet. Really, it’s true.
  • When people search, Google will compare the search term (keyword) to all the websites it has indexed and displays websites that also have those search terms on their website pages because Google believes those web pages are relevant to the search.
  • The more search terms that your customers use that match the content on your website the higher your website will “rank” on Google search engine results pages.
  • Our job is to determine what those keywords are, add them to your content, wait for the bots to index, measure the results, then fine tune.

This is the simple explanation but it’s the core of search engine optimization. This is why your website content needs to represent what your customers are searching for – just like how a brand should be positioned to appeal to customers – not the site owner or designer.

Every customer is different, each has different expectations and budgets. No campaign is the same and strategies will differ. However, there is a very common feature-set most SEO campaigns include:

  • Google analytics setup
  • Google search console setup
  • Keyword research & selection
  • Google my business optimization
  • HTML & XML sitemap creation
  • Competitor research & analysis
  • Meta tags & descriptions
  • Rich snippets
  • Content optimization: the process of writing content that will reach the largest possible target audience for your product or services.
  • Website performance optimization
  • 301 redirects
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