Email Marketing and Customer Relationships

Newsletters and email as tools for marketing and building customer relationships are here to stay.   People like it, and it’s proven to work.   If you run ecommerce through your website or to support customer relationships then professional and high-impact emails are essential.  Recently email automation has spiced up the game to increase sales and elevate brands to a new level.

Brilliant Newsletter, Email Marketing, and Customer Communication Design

Market products or services by email as a fast, cost-effective way to reach new customers and keep them coming back. Let us create beautiful, targeted and personalized messages will make customers love you and your brand.

What can you use email marketing for?

  • If you post content (blog, product demonstrations, promotions, landing pages, etc.) send automated newsletters that are connected to products in your online store
  • If you sell products online
    • Follow up a sale with an upsell
    • Provide product support
  • Emails that offer access to content or products can be a gateway to an automated campaign that will generate leads, close prospects or migrate them to your sales platform
  • Communicate with online communities including client and employee portals

Managing a WordPress database of users (prospects, customers, employees, vendors, etc) can be challenging. Clients may choose to keep brick and mortar clients separate from on-line customers, or use CRM to segment them further.  Email marketing platforms may generate their own databases.  GDPR compliance across various platforms and data sets adds to the challenge. We’ll help you navigate user database options and offer a high level of automation and integration between WordPress apps and even other websites and online services.

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