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How much does an ecommerce website cost? It's a common and vital question.

Ecommerce is the backbone of web success for many clients. To help you plan and budget, We provide a base price for this add-on to the basic website design package.

We will help you establish sales and traffic goals and integrate the custom features you need. Needs are different for a start-up, market leader or something in between.

An ecommerce website is like any business. It takes planning, capital and a dedicated team to be successful.

What effects ecommerce website costs

Design: Spending more time designing an exceptional shopping experience. 
The default Woocommerce store looks quite generic. The store design likely won’t  match a client’s brand or make customers feel confident they are purchasing from a legitimate company; hesitancy means lost sales.

Functionality: Ecommerce platforms start as a ready-made ‘kit’ for an online store and provide a solid starting point, but typically don’t provide everything clients want or need.
Imagine your product catalog, its size, then consider unique ordering, shipping and fulfillment processes in your operations that need to be part of your online store too.

Migrating legacy data: Importing products, orders and customers.
Moving from another platform even a site redesign creates challenges. Imagine a brick and mortar store that changes locations. At some point the doors must be locked at the old location and the doors at the new location are opened to start accepting customers. Online stores have similar hurdles to manage.

Integration: Connecting your ecommerce store to outside services.
Items like shipping, tax nexus, marketing and CRM tools makes life easier in the long run, but adds complexity to your site build. 

Marketing and SEO: Unfortunately “If you build it, they will come” is wishful thinking on the web.   A marketing plan and sophisticated SEO are essential to driving the right kind of traffic to your site, and expanding your potential return on investment.

Essentials to consider to launch an ecommerce website:

  • Mobile responsive layout
  • Professional, high resolution photos & video
  • Promotion and discount code tools
  • User friendly interface with easy to use checkout
  • Email marketing features and automation
  • Payment options (Credit card, PayPal, PO, Terms, etc.)
  • Return policy and other compliance requirements like GDPR Privacy links
  • Social proof
  • User-generated reviews
  • Special offers
  • Wish lists
  • Find-in-Store(s)
  • Related items
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Detailed shipping information like free shipping discounts, costs, and package tracking
  • Multiple (including instant) contact methods: Never make it hard for a buyer to get in touch or request support.
  • Search engine optimized code and layout
  • Reporting tools and custom report features
  • The ability to scale and add new features
  • Security features like SSL certificate, firewall, etc.
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