The One Thing Clients Never Ask For…

Can you guess? Here's a few hints: You're not thinking of this. You don't believe you need it. Regardless, it's easy and not a big deal. You'll take care of it yourself and tell me not to worry about it. Finally, why isn't it included for free?

…Clients never ask for copywriting services.

No matter how up-market, creative and eye-catching your website may be, you’ll never get the most out of your investment if the website copywriting isn’t compelling the readers to learn more or pick up the phone. [or trust, click, buy, etc]

Cindy from Hats Off Copywriting

When we go through the effort of determining the SEO keywords your customers use search to for products or services like yours, how do we then mix them in with compelling words that sell?

Many don’t feel like the need for someone to write for us. But writing tends to be the task we put off, or assign to the newbie. Potential customers are turned off by businesses and brands that have bad grammar or poorly written website content.

Well-crafted copy is vital, and worth the extra expense. Hire a professional copywriter to write your website content.

Besides writing copy that sells, professional copywriters will perform these tasks:

  • Tone check: Ensuring copy is consistent with your brand identity
  • Keyword insertion: Placing keywords strategically throughout content
  • Grammar & format check: Adding headlines, breaking up chunky text and overall editing and proofreading

We’re pleased to offer copywriting services through our network of writers.

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